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Si Como No Inn Review: The Best Flagler Beach Hotel

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It’s always a pleasure when you find those hidden gems and the Si Como No Inn certainly fits that bill. Though its extremely easy to find, situated right on the iconic A1A, the Si Como No Inn will certainly be passed by if you didn’t know it was there. However, you’d be doing yourself a great disservice. That’s because this is easily the best Flagler Beach hotel you’re gonna find. I had the pleasure of staying there last summer and it checked off every box on my beach hotel list. If you get the opportunity to stay there yourself, you’ll quickly find out what I mean.

Si Como No Inn is All About the Vibes

All you need to do is see a few pictures of Si Como No Inn to see what I mean. The bright colors and pure seaside décor will put you at ease the moment you pull off A1A and onto the coquina and dirt driveway. The best hotel on Flagler Beach is all about making you feel comfortable. Like you’ve truly gotten away from it all. Even better than getting away from it all though, is that you’re going to share this with a far smaller number of people than staying at any chain motel/hotel.

The sign which greets you as you arrive at Si Como No Inn
The first greeting you receive at Si Como No Inn

Si Como No Inn features just eight rooms in the main hotel, plus a “beach house” that stands separated a little bit. For visitors this means a couple of things. One, you won’t have many other people around. During our stay last summer (in the middle of the week) there was only three other rooms occupied. It was fantastic! The second thing is that you’ll need to make sure you call well in advance to try and book a room, especially on the weekends. Part of the vibes of Si Como No Inn happen to be in the stripped down website they run. You need to call and book because rooms aren’t bookable online or through Hotels.Com.

Another neat feature of the best hotel on Flagler Beach is that each of the rooms is different than the others. Each time you make a visit, there is a chance you’ll get to enjoy different décor or a slightly different experience. We stayed in Room #6, Kokepelli, which had a comfy king sized bed and more muted colors. If you’re coming with a family, rooms like #7 (The Getaway) or #8 (Family Tides) give you some neat sleeping arrangements with loft beds. When we finally get a chance to come back, I’m gonna try and book the Beach House for a longer stay and more space.

All the rooms are along this single run

Si Como No Inn epitomizes that old-school, retro, beachy vibe that I absolutely love. When you stay here, it is definitely more of an experience than anything else you might find in Flagler Beach or further down the shore.

Unbeatable Location

Another fantastic aspect of Si Como No Inn is the location. When I tell you it’s literally across the street from the beach, I mean it. You simply have to walk across A1A, then 100 feet down the road to the beach stairs. While there is road side parking for others to have access to this part of the beach, you’ll largely be alone compared to other stretches of beach in the county.

The beach outside Si Como No Inn at sunrise
Not a soul in sight on my morning walk

Despite it’s relatively secluded portion of beach, Si Como No Inn is just five minutes from the Flagler Beach Pier. This means if you want to experience what the wonderful little town of Flagler Beach has to offer, you can. That includes my favorite little ice cream shop, Sally’s. We would visit Flagler Beach every summer and go to Sally’s nearly every day with my grandmother. The pier itself has stood the test of time, though it has been battered quite a bit in recent years by hurricanes.

For those coming from far away to get some Florida beach sunshine, Si Como No Inn can serve as an excellent central location on the coast to explore from. If you’re not spending every day on the beach right outside your door that is. Those who are truly adventurous could drive south to Kennedy Space Center which is just two hours away. Daytona Beach and it’s raucous reputation and nightlife is just 45 minutes south. The history oriented travelers will find Fort Matanzas about 20 minutes north, as well as America’s Oldest City, St. Augustine, 45 minutes away.

Activities for Everyone

Another reason why I loved Si Como No Inn and why I think it’s easily the best hotel on Flagler Beach, is the activities available. The beach is quite obviously the biggest draw for visitors. I lived in Florida for 34 years, but there is still something about being only steps from the beach. It also was an excellent place for me to do some sunrise photography.

However, beyond the beach Si Como No Inn offers additional activities right on site. The back side of the property comes up against the Matanzas River. They take full advantage of this great location and you should too. The hotel has kayak rentals available. This will give you access to the river and the wilds of Florida beyond it. Not many places you can stay at in Florida offer such a wide variety of activities to choose from and in such a laid back atmosphere.

The vibrant colors of Si Como No Inn
A complete valid activity is also just lounging here all day!

Another exciting activity you can do here is get married! Si Como No Inn absolutely loves to host weddings on site. The beach is easily accessible, while a small party could book all the rooms on site for a fun and intimate occasion. The tiki bar/hutch is such a unique place to host your reception while basking in the laid-back atmosphere that Si Como No Inn offers in bundles.

Final Thoughts on See Como No Inn

I feel fortunate to have found this spot when planning our beach vacation last year. We rarely took beach vacations because lets face it, when you live 20 minutes from the beach you don’t think of it as a vacation. However, the Si Como No Inn truly made us feel on vacation despite being only 90 minutes from home. Now that we are in Tennessee, I can really see how special a place like this is. I can not wait to have the opportunity to make another trip to Flagler Beach and enjoy a peaceful beach experience at one of my favorite hotels.

One of my favorite beach images, which you can even buy on my photography page!

It’s not often that I write full reviews of specific places for this blog. In fact, I’ve only done it once before with The Rigdon House in Cambria, California. Both of these places were one of a kind experiences that I highly recommend travelers to these areas to stay at. If you happen to stay at See Como No Inn, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your experience!

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