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The Rigdon House: A Wonderful Base for Big Sur Exploration

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The first hotel I stayed in on my Pacific Coast Adventure was The Rigdon House. While my initial digging into the hotel found it to be a great place for a night, arriving completely transformed my opinion of it. In a good way, I promise! The Rigdon House helped to set the stage for what would turn out to be a series of great booking decisions on my part. The biggest letdown was simply the fact that I hadn’t decided to spend a whole week here exploring Big Sur with The Rigdon as my base of operations. Keep reading below to find out why The Rigdon House is the perfect place to stay in Big Sur.

Location, Location, Location!

Finding the right spot to setup camp is a key for making the most of a trip to a single location. It is honestly what makes The Rigdon such a perfect base. Located at the southern end of Big Sur, The Rigdon House can be found in Cambria, CA. There isn’t a ton of infrastructure between Cambria and Monterey. Cambria provides all you need from a small town (food, bars, general stores, etc) while not taking you completely from the surrounding land. Unless you’re seeking the solitude of somewhere off the beaten path, you’re going to want a place like Cambria that can provide the comforts of home.

The Rigdon House, Cambria, CA
Full view of the gorgeous Rigdon House

What The Rigdon House does best here is become an unassuming gem in this landscape. It is nestled into the greenery surrounding the Santa Rosa Creek. The morning after our stay we awoke to an ethereal mist hanging over property. It was a peaceful experience and helped set the stage for our adventure that day. The hotel doesn’t stand out as some grand statement, but politely invites you in. It is also perfectly positioned in Cambria itself. At the end of the road, it benefits from Cambria’s amenities and still has enough distance to remain quiet at night.

The combination of the location in Cambria and the city’s general location along the coast is a double win. All of Big Sur is simply a gorgeous drive along the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway. No matter what activities on the coast you seek, they aren’t far away from The Rigdon House.

Rooms at The Rigdon House

This whole room is only half the suite

My room at The Rigdon House was the King Suite. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. The rate I paid was an absolute steal for the gorgeous room I got. The king bed was like sleeping on a warm cloud. The extended part of the suite had an abundance of space to relax or work in, which I gladly used. The bathroom was also well apportioned, adding to the enjoyable stay I had here. Everything was simply above and beyond my expectations. If you’re spending multiple nights here, which you absolutely should, the amount of space will be a welcome comfort. I truly regret not being able to spend more time in Big Sur and at The Rigdon House.

Excuse the messy bed… I didn’t make it when we got up!

The Rigdon House offers a few other room layouts which may be more to your liking. There is a smaller King Room, which lacks the additional sitting area of my room. You can also find a luxury King Suite which is an even higher end room than I stayed in, which I’m sure is an even better deal. The Luxury Double Queen Suite would be ideal for couples traveling together, or two people who aren’t sharing a bed. Finally, they also offer a Family Suite which drops the sitting room for an extra bedroom of sorts.

They have a room for nearly everyone and with what the rest of the hotel offers, it is almost impossible to pass up a stay here.

A Beautiful Hotel

Wonderful during the day, but even more gorgeous at night. Sadly I didn’t get a picture!

Beyond the rooms, the rest of the hotel and grounds are gorgeous. If you haven’t spent enough time outside that day, they offer a stunning patio area to enjoy. At night it is fully lit up and offers a place to unwind with a glass of wine or beer. Even if the air is chill, you can lite up the fire pit to keep the cold at bay. Spaces like the one here at The Rigdon House are honestly a rare opportunity to meet your fellow travelers. They provide such a simple convenience that I think is lost in today’s world at times.

Adding to the wonderful back patio is the supremely charming interior. There is a pleasant spot to enjoy the complementary continental breakfast in the morning. However, in the evening the same spot transforms into a complementary happy hour bar! Now that is an amenity that you don’t find at every hotel. Being able to take the time in the evening to enjoy such a wonderful setting will do wonders for falling in love with it. I encourage you to take advantage of the hospitality on offer because you won’t find it in many places.

Final Thoughts on The Rigdon House

Our seat for breakfast, looking at the bar and lobby

One night at The Rigdon House was not enough. I fully intend on making The Rigdon the centerpiece of my next trip to the Big Sur. The location simply can’t be beat if you aren’t trying to drive the whole highway in one go. You’ll also be staying right between two of the best places to see on the Pacific Coast Highway. If I’m being totally honest, once you’ve driven the PCH in full there isn’t a need to do it again. Find the places you really enjoyed and return to just them. Cambria is a place I wish I had more time in and I’ll be back for sure. The Rigdon House is the perfect combination of location, amenities, style and value. Don’t come to Big Sur and not stay here, because I guarantee you’ll regret it.

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