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How to Enjoy a Three Day Weekend in Minneapolis

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With all there is to do and see in the city, I’d say its hard to not spend a three day weekend in Minneapolis if you’ve got the chance. That is, assuming you’re there when it’s not absolutely frigid outside. The summer and fall months in Minneapolis are perfect for exploring everything the city (and it’s twin St. Paul) have to offer. I spent a few days up there during our Great River Road trip, but there is still plenty I didn’t get a chance to do. Which means, like most of my trips, I can’t wait to get back there to spend another weekend in Minneapolis. Fortunately, now we both have this excellent guide to the city to make the most of our time!

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All the Places to Lay Your Head

Depending on your travel outlook, where you stay either doesn’t really matter to you or is a key part of your trip. For me, it’s all about the magic word: location. I really like to be as centrally located as possible, to minimize my drive time. I’ll also lean towards downtown or walkable locations in order to let me actually experience the city we are visiting.

When we made our trip to Minneapolis, I maximized both of these desires with a stay at the AC Hotel by Marriott. I highly recommend staying here if you want to be downtown. It was centrally located in downtown and literally right across the street from the show we wanted to see. The rooms were also flawlessly clean and extremely inviting to stay in. For staying downtown, we also considered the Canopy by Hilton since it was closer to the river and the Holiday Inn by the convention center since it had the best deal and I’m an IHG rewards member.

I loved the warm wood and the great views

Not everyone gravitates towards big brands but if you’re still looking for a unique stay during your weekend in Minneapolis, you’re in luck. The Hewing Hotel in the Warehouse District has a warm and distinct atmosphere. The rooms are all well appointed, but the main draw for me is the stunning rooftop lounge. It is hard to beat views like the one you’ll get from the roof here. For a more casual vibe, a bed and breakfast like 300 Clifton would be the perfect pick. Centrally located but outside of downtown, 300 Clifton is a simply splendid B&B with beautiful gardens and even more gorgeous rooms.

Attractions for a Three Day Weekend in Minneapolis

Once you’ve picked where you’re staying in a city the size of Minneapolis (and again, it’s oft forgotten twin St. Paul), you’ll need to have a good feel for what all there is to actually do. Minneapolis is a city that really does have something for everyone. Excellent museums, fantastic outdoor parks, plenty of shopping, and a thriving entertainment scene are all on offer.

Being both a history buff and all-around lover of museums, there is an abundance of unique ones to visit during a weekend in Minneapolis. One of the coolest is the Mill City Museum in the heart of downtown. Built in the ruins of one of the largest flour mills in the world, its a key part of the city’s history. You’ll have an opportunity to explore the milling history of the city and how they harnessed the power of the mighty Mississippi River to feed a nation. Even better, the views of the falls from the top of the museum are absolutely unbeatable.

A view of St. Anthony Falls from the Mill City Museum roof taken during a weekend in Minneapolis
Can’t beat this view of the falls from the top of the museum

If history museums aren’t quite your jam (or you can’t get enough museums), Minneapolis has some great art museums as well. Weisman Art Museum on the campus of the University of Minnesota is a work of art in itself. A more traditional art museum can be found at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Both of these are fantastic places to spend a day for art lovers.

Assuming that the weather is nice, then your weekend in Minneapolis might be best spent outside. Minnehaha Regional Park is a wonderful picnic and family destination. The grounds give plenty of space to find your own quiet spot. Plus, it’s not very often you see a full blown waterfall right around the corner in the city. Should the weather get hot, you can head over to Lake Nokomis or Cedar Lake too cool off at the beach! Flower lovers will find the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden a pleasantly lovely spot for a stroll any time of day.

A long exposure of a Minnehaha Falls taken during a weekend in Minneapolis
Minnehaha Falls is the centerpiece of the park

Finally, if you’re looking to spend some time shopping Minneapolis has you covered. The Mall of America is a world renowned destination and not just for its shopping. You’ll practically be able to spend the entire day here entertained. I mean, the mall itself has an entire app dedicated to it! For a more local touch to your retail therapy, checkout the Minnehaha Mile. Full of locally owned shops and restaraunts, I highly advocate shopping local because it helps everyone! Not to mention its right down the road from Minnehaha Falls, so you can combine some nature with your shopping spree.

Finding the Good Eats in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a town chock full of delicious food. If there is something that tickles your fancy, you’re sure to find it somewhere in town. During our time in town we had a chance to try a couple of places. However, that barely even scratches the surface of what is on offer.

During our trip we opted for a late night, post show dinner option that was near our hotel. Boy, did we really luck out with that decision. Pizza Luce was a quick stroll down 4th Street. This pizza joint serves up fantastically delicious pies. You can also just stop in for a slice and beer if that is more your style as well. Additionally, Pizza Luce has locations throughout Minneapolis. So, no matter where you are spending your weekend in Minneapolis, there is sure to be a location nearby.

A cheese and pepperoni pizza from Pizza Luce which was purchased during a weekend in Minneapolis.
My mouth waters simply THINKING about this pie

For breakfast we tried another downtown establishment, Breakfast Bar of Minnesota. You’ll be able to grab breakfast all day here if your heart desires, but we got an early enough start that is was still breakfast time. Their menu is packed with options, but its hard to beat a tried and true classic like chicken & waffles. Except maybe doing it with French Toast… which they totally do! If you’re seeking out that classic diner feel or you’re on the east side of the river consider trying Al’s Breakfast instead for a great start to your day.

When you’ve got an entire weekend in Minneapolis to spend eating, you’ve got to take time to work in some of the locally, global cuisine. Minneapolis has a strong heritage as a city of immigrants, and with them all the wonderful food they create. You’ll be able to find amazing Ethiopian food at Dilla’s Ethiopian or explore stellar Vietnamese from Vo’s (vegan-friendly too). If your seeking something a bit closer to home, consider filling up on Mexican from El Norteño or Caribbean standards from the legendary Harry Singh’s. No matter your tastes, you’ll be able to find it in Minneapolis.

Weekend Entertainment in Minneapolis

What would a three day weekend in Minneapolis even be without some entertainment? Boring, that’s what! While the exact shows you might be able to catch in town will vary, the places won’t change.

One of the main highlights of my trip to town was La Follies Burlesk and Lafemme Drag Shows held at Gay 90s. Held every first and third Saturday of the month, you’ll want to get there early. Not only are the shows absolutely rocking from the first act but it is literally HOURS of the best burlesque and drag in MLSP. Just a few blocks down Hennepin Avenue is The Saloon, another great venue for drag.

A neon sign which says Gay 90's. This is a perfect club to visit for a weekend in Minneapolis
Smack in the center of downtown so it’s easy to catch a show here

If drag and burlesque aren’t what you’re looking for (why not?) then you’ll still find plenty to keep you entertained in town. The Guthrie Theater continually features world-class plays and stage shows conveniently located in downtown. Alternatively, you can seek out “theater row” down Hennepin Avenue where the historic Orpheum, State, and Pantages Theatres are located. One of the best independent theaters in the country, The Hook and Ladder Theater and Lounge offers a wide variety of shows year-round.

Should you still not be fully entertained, then don’t fear because the sports teams are here to help. Minneapolis is a major sports haven, featuring teams in all six major American sports leagues. No matter what time of year you’re in town, there is bound to be a game. During the nicest months of the year, I’d recommend checking out the Twins playing at Target Field or Minnesota United FC over at Allianz Field. Both play in fantastic venues, so with beautiful weather you’ll have a great day.

Putting a Bow on Your Minneapolis Weekend

Every good weekend eventually has to come to an end. That’ll be no different for your three day weekend in Minneapolis too. However, the fun certainly doesn’t have to stop there. Minnesota has a LOT of territory to explore and amazing places to visit. If you’re up for a road trip, Minneapolis could simply be a stop as you drive along the Great River Road (just like we did)! No matter when you visit, you’re sure to fall in love with the city and it’s people, like we did.

If you want to keep your weekend adventures going, check out my guide to a weekend in Denver. It’s another fantastic city that I certainly can’t wait to return to. To stay up to date with each post, please follow me on Instagram or Facebook! Alternatively, sign up for my newsletter using the box at the bottom of the page! If you loved this post, then pin it and check me out on Pinterest as well!

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