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The Coolest National Park Tumblers

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For the longest time I’ve wanted to create a line of national park inspired merchandise. When I came across these tumblers on Printful, I knew they would be perfect for a line of national park tumblers! My artistic ability is really limited to photography and writing, so it wasn’t until I came across the Midjourney AI that I was able to bring my ideas to life. It’s such a fantastic tool, and I love everything I can make with it.

All of these national park tumblers were created using Midjourney, through prompts that I wrote and refined. When deciding on a general look for them, I wanted an old-school painterly feel. It was more about invoking the feeling of each of these parks than replicating some specific vista. Yet, even with that “holistic” approach, the AI is able to bring amazing art to life through my simple words. It’s ability to replicate iconic views, without prompting, proves why this is such powerful tool.

I’ll be looking create national park tumblers for all 63 of our beautiful parks. These will be released in batches of six per month, except for September which had an initial run of nine national parks. The parks in each monthly set will include the two of the most visited parks, two parks selected alphabetically, and two parks based on establishment date. I felt like this made sure this series of national park tumblers had a good mix of well loved parks, but also ones less thought of.

With them dropping in batches, my approach and style may change over time. I’ll be documenting my approach for each series in this post. That way not only will we all get to see the evolution of the style, but I can elaborate on my thoughts with each run!

September’s National Park Tumblers

The inaugural run of the national park tumblers was focused on having a vintage appearance. This lent an old-school quality to each of the art pieces. This also helped them appear more like the 1930s national park posters, yet still retaining a unique feel. When looking back at some of my first September prompts, they include the word inspirational a lot. Guess that was the mood I was in at the time! This was also where I had a big focus on natural light or daylight as a defining feature.

Overall, I really love the look of each of these national park tumblers. The soft, nearly watercolor-esque nature of some of them is exactly the feel I was looking for. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the one of the bunch that stands out from the rest. A volcano is a striking feature in its own right. Yet, the combination of the red erupting lava, with subtle tropical notes in the foreground makes it one of my favorites.

The first nine of these tumblers also feature some pretty big hitters. Acadia, Great Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Zion. These are some of the most well loved and most visited parks in the country. They feature on many best of lists including my own best national parks to visit in the fall! They were also tough to get right. Since I’m not attempting to recreate an exact vista, it’s important that these designs bring the feeling of these parks to your home. I believe that I was able to do so, and hopefully you’ll agree!

October’s National Park Tumblers

This batch very much follows the same kind of design aesthetic that I was using for September. They all retain a very vintage, 1930s feel to the way they were “painted”. This is largely due to the fact that I stuck pretty closely to the foundational prompt established with September’s batch. They were also created shortly after I finished September’s run of national park tumblers as well.

However, there was one big change that I made for this series. I began giving the AI more direction around the types of colors I wanted. Many of the designs featured in October are more vivid in their coloration. This contrasts nicely with the more muted colors from the previous month. This is best seen in the design for Arches and Mount Rainier, with their bright, striking colors.

October also is the first month to feature one of Midjourney’s newest tests. You’ll notice the design for Grand Canyon National Park is very different from the others. This is due to a test feature that I included in the prompt. I loved the distinct visual and bright colors on this design. So I went ahead and used this version instead of one that more closely matched the other designs. I plan on continuing to test this style out in addition to the regular output to see which I like the best.

Upcoming Releases

Now that September and October are released, it’s time to focus on November. This month’s parks will include Grand Teton National Park as it’s main draw. You can also look forward to one of my favorite national parks, Black Canyon of the Gunnison! Additionally, I’ll be dropping designs for Indiana Dunes, Big Bend, Mesa Verde, and Wind Cave National Parks. Definitely some challenging designs to create and prompt for November!

If you’ve read all of the way to this point then I really appreciate it. In fact, I’ve got a little reward in the form of a 20% discount code on the purchase of any tumbler! Simply use code NPTUMBLERS to get your discount.

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