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Introducing the Local Series!

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While I would love to instantly be able to travel any where on a whim (or some planning), that simply isn’t the case. If I’m going to become an expert on travel, I’ll need to visit a ton of places. To remedy this and continue providing quality content, I’ve decided to start a Local Series! Exploring around where I live really kills two birds with one stone. Not only will I get a chance to find my sea legs, but y’all will get quick guides to my area as well! For more information on what the local series will entail, read on below!

What is the Local Series About?

The initial run of the Local Series will be five parts. In each part, I’ll be taking a day trip from my home in Jacksonville. What you’ll find inside will be a mix of area guide, personal opinion and day trip itinerary. Often times I’ll be jumping straight into the deep end and discovering these places right along with you. Other times I’ll be bringing some real local knowledge to the Local Series.

Ultimately, the Local Series is going to be about finding some of those not so often explored places. As much as a guide can point you to the big stuff, it takes some dedication to find the small stuff. I’m also hoping that this series will highlight some great places that might be out of the spot light. If you’ve come here and found a place you didn’t know about before but now want to visit, then I’ve done my job.

Where will the Local Series Take You?

For the moment I still call North Florida home. The 2018 Local Series will encompass places where I can travel there and back within a single day. Prioritizing these day trips makes it possible to spend more time highlighting each location. The five day trips I have planned serve as a good mix of what all North Florida and South Georgia have to offer.

In June, I’ll be visiting the historic Amelia Island. The island has a long and deep history, along with some beautiful beaches. Fort Clinch and the surrounding area has been fortified for over 275 years. Fernandina Beach and its downtown has a long history, combining an excellently walkable downtown and beautiful beach. I’ve never been and visiting the island was some of the inspiration for the Local Series.

July will take me a little further up the coast to the Golden Isles of Georgia. I’ll be specifically focusing my time on Jekyll Island, St. SImons Island, and the city of Brunswick. The daytime portion of the trip will feature historic St. Simons Island and downtown Brunswick. The most exciting part of this day trip is to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center and their July Nighttime Turtle Walks!

For August, it’ll be the perfect time to head out to Ichetucknee Springs State Park. One of Florida’s best natural wonders, Ichetucknee is the perfect place to spend a hot summer afternoon. Floating down the cool and crystal clear waters is a supremely enjoyable experience. Though I’ve been a ton of times, Ichetucknee still holds a special place in my heart. Hopefully, I’ll help you discover it for the first time.

September is going to be a lot closer to home. Jacksonville has been my home for nearly a decade, so I’ll be showing off some of what it has to offer. Jacksonville is host to cool museums, historic parks, miles of beaches, and tons of excellent shops, bars and restaurants. The Local Series in September will be my personal tour of my favorite places in my adopted hometown.

The final Local Series will be in November. St. Augustine is the nation’s oldest city and truly one of its best. Downtown is packed with awesome eats and places to grab drinks. The popularity of the city has skyrocketed in recent years, with no time busier than the holiday season. St. Augustine’s Nights of Lights draws in tourists from all around to appreciate the city fully lit up. I’ll be giving a bit of a locals look at the craziness and how to navigate it skillfully.

When will the Local Series appear here?

With the exception of November’s Local Series, each trip will happen towards the beginning of the month. You’ll be able to read the accompanying blog on the Thursday following my trip. However, if you’re not the patient type there will be plenty of ways to join right along on the adventure.

All of my photos will go up on Instagram during and immediately after each of my trips. Facebook will feature some short-form blogs and even live video of each destination. You’ll also be able to catch the vlog of the Local Series on YouTube the day before the blog goes live! Finally, if you want to grab some super-early inside access, you can support me on Patreon! All of my content will go up there before it goes live to the rest of the world!

Thank you for your support and I really hope that you enjoy the Local Series as much as I will!

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